Tommy Hogunz

Tommy was raised around music that was meant to be, uplifting and soulful. The country was in an uproar and and the economy was at one of its lowest points in history. His parents were music lovers, and frequently played Motown, Funk Ect. His mother knew he was going to be trouble when one morning she awoke to the sound of her husbands brand new Hi fi Stereo at Full volume. When she got up to kill her husband, she realized it was her 2yr old boy at 3a.m on the floor of the livingroom playing records. 15 yrs later, Tommy had an urge to play records again, so he purchased his First set of Turntables. Playing Hip Hop Not because he wanted to really , but because it was the Norm and expected ..He then attended his first party or”Rave” at 18yrs old in NYC and has never been the same. He quickly adjusted his music choice to Dance. Hard at first, it was definitly a shock to his system. He first played out in 94 at “The Stardust” in Wildwood NJ. Mixing harder techno with a Latin remix. He ran across a track by known producer Onionz..And the rest was history. Tommy again changed his style to Funky House with a combo of Soulful vocals that still rock dancefloors to this day. Traveling across the world to Greece to play in Athens and Thessoloniki, he has quickly become one of the East coasts favorite House DJ’s. He Promoted many Partys in Philadelphia/NY and is now getting his feet wet on Production. With a plethora of mix cds to his credit and countless parties his prior experience is sure to be an asset in the near future.

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